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Captain America Who Meme. Captain America memes are all over the internet and we have picked out the best Captain America memes for you to look through. We shot him in ze legs because his shield is ze size of a dinner plate and he's an idiot".

15 Hilariously Dank Captain America Memes
15 Hilariously Dank Captain America Memes (Ivan Weber)

Captain America memes aren't new, or even funny, but the most recent viral incarnation becomes far more charming when compared to Captain America's first meme. Peter: Mr America Mr Captain America Rogers Steve I would die for you. If Deadpool replaces Captain America who is going to want to watch the movies because of all of the stinking cussing and curse words Deadpool says in his So this is a lame attempt to describe the lyrics of the popular TV show "FRIENDS" using Captain America (and other Marvel characters') memes. "how did you take down Captain America?

Now add to that this meme.

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