How To Get Halloween Hats In Among Us Pc

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How To Get Halloween Hats In Among Us Pc. The first thing you need to do is change the local time and date on your PC. Players are able to customize their worker avatar while they're waiting in the pre-game lobby before In order to unlock these special holiday Halloween hats in Among Us, all the player needs to do is change the date on their PC or device to Oct.

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Halloween update added to Unreal Tournament pre-alpha - VG247 (Cory Payne)

Also read: How To Download Among Us On PC? PLEASE NOTE: This only works on PC and not for Mobile (If you couldn't already tell since you need to open Among Us through steam for this to work). - How do you get Halloween hats in 'Among Us'? You'll need to tinker with your PC's or mobile device's time and date settings to unlock all the seasonal hats that were given away in the past.

To achieve them, it is necessary in the first instance to consider the following options and these do not usually present variation between the game For PC users these hats can be free as long as we have paid for the game.

PC players need to open their date and time settings which can be.

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Want to know how to get and equip your character with hats in Among Us? This is an in-depth guide on how are seasonal hats for free in Among Us on both mobile and PC. This is just a nice little trick to get the Halloween Hats early and add some spookiness to the game!

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